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The Beauty of Bracelet Stacks

Updated: Oct 20, 2018

Whether you want to dazzle at a special occasion or you want to feel the unique and comforting support of a collection of stunning natural gemstones whilst you go about your everyday activities, your SPA Zodiac bracelets will never let you down. Once you start collecting them you won’t want to stop and there are a number of great ways to think about the bracelet stacks you would like to build, here are a few examples:

Your Trilogy of Astrological Energies

* If you know your trilogy of astrological energies – your Moon Sign, your Sun (Star) Sign and your Ascendant Sign, then you can choose an individual bracelet for each different sign. For instance, I have an Aquarius Moon (Turquoise), a Gemini Sun (Citrine) and a Libra Ascendant (Amazonite). These 3 bracelets represent my first stack and support my need for communication and vitality, clarity and visioning and calm and wisdom.

Choices, choices

* If you know your Sun Sign energy, but don’t know your Moon or Ascendant Signs, then you have two choices, both of which will give you a beautiful outcome. You can either build your bracelet stack with your Sun Sign and the stunning generic Moon and Ascendant bracelets featuring sterling silver, silver charms and Swarovski crystals available in our shop or you can email info@spa-zodiacjewellery.com with your date, time and location of birth and we will get back to you in 24 hours with your details. You will then know what your unique trilogy is combined with the energies of the specific gemstones.

The bracelet bug!

* When I showed my Mum these bracelets, she immediately wanted a Sun (Star) sign bracelet for every member of her immediate family, plus one for my late Dad. The end result looked spectacular as she included Turquoise for Aquarius, Citrine for Gemini, Agate for Taurus, Aventurine for Sagittarius, Azurite for Pisces and Moonstone for Cancer. Having caught the bracelet bug good and proper, she then added a generic Moon sign bracelet and generic Ascendant bracelet for good measure - utterly stunning!

How you make up your bracelet stacks is up to you! We just want you to fully enjoy discovering the fantastic energies that each individual bracelet brings to you. Have fun!

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