The Aries Zodiac bracelet is handmade with the Gemstone Carnelian with sterling silver, silver charms and Swarovski crystals. Carnelian helps with *Confidence *Empowerment *Vitality & *Physical Health. It depicts and symbolises ACTION! It provides a powerful boost to will power and the drive and physical power to back willpower up. Carnelian helps you achieve your heart's desire. Bracelet Size is 18cms with strong elasticated thread or with silver Box Tassel.

ARIES Zodiac Bracelet 21st March - 21st April Constant Spiritual Support Range

SKU: 1110201801
  • SPA - Zodiac Jewellery is the perfect zodiac sign jewellery exclusively available and uniquely designed for our customers only. You will not find this range anywhere else in the World. Each of our bracelets contains semi-precious grade A gemstones, specific to each zodiac sign energy, bound in fine sterling silver, with silver charms and Swarovski crystals. Please note that as gemstones are natural products they can vary considerably in colour and tone. They naturally have inclusions and shadows and may vary in colour from one bracelet to another. This is what makes gemstones so naturally beautiful and so bespoke to the wearer.


    Enjoy wearing these beautiful bracelets, feel their energy and be inspired by their unique meaning to you or buy as the most superb gift for someone very special. Each order comes tissue wrapped with a beautiful slim line jewellery box, ribbon and heart-shaped tag. It's a Wrap!