We've chosen the superb gemstone Rose Quartz, with Sterling Silver and a stunning heart in Swarovski Crystal with Silver Box Chain Tassel to present you with the most magical and meaningful SPA Zodiac Jewellery anklet.

Rose Quartz is a tender pink gemstone of the heart - a crystal of unconditional love carrying a soft feminine energy of compassion, peace, nourishment and comfort, a stone of divine love and positive, healing energy.

The way the large Swarovski Crystal Heart sparkles on this anklet is simply Divine!

Divine Love Anklet

  • SPA - Zodiac Jewellery is the perfect choice zodiac sign jewellery exclusively available and uniquely designed for our customers only. You will not find this range anywhere else in the World. 

    Enjoy wearing these beautiful anklets, feel uplifted by their energy and the support from each of the gemstones. Or buy as the most superb gift for someone very special. Each order comes tissue wrapped with a beautiful slim line jewellery box, ribbon and heart-shaped tag. It's a Wrap!