SPA Zodiac Jewellery has introduced these fabulous Gemstone, Silver and Swarovski Crystal Anklets to show your ankles off to the MAX! Made with fine 925 Sterling Silver, Silver Beads and Gemstones linked to your Zodiac Sign: Carnelian for ARIES, Brown Agate for TAURUS, Citrine for GEMINI, Moonstone for CANCER, Amber for LEO, Black Onyx for VIRGO, Amazonite for LIBRA, Lapis Lazuli for SCORPIO, Aventurine for SAGITTARIUS, Garnet for CAPRICORN, Turquoise for AQUARIUS and Azurite for PISCES. 

(Example Zodiac Signs shown are: Sagittarius, Taurus, Gemini and Virgo) 


Whether you're going on holiday and want something beautiful to show off your tan, going cruising or just want to feel a million dollars as a special treat, these beautiful anklets are completely unique and bespoke to each wearer.


Hand-crafted in England and available in One Size with Silver Box Chain Clasp extending to 31cm for easy fit onto the ankle, this fine jewellery with semi-precious stones are an absolute delight to wear.

Zodiac Sign Anklets

  • SPA - Zodiac Jewellery is the perfect choice zodiac sign jewellery exclusively available and uniquely designed for our customers only. You will not find this range anywhere else in the World. 

    Enjoy wearing these beautiful anklets, feel uplifted by their energy and the support from each of the gemstones. Or buy as the most superb gift for someone very special. Each order comes tissue wrapped with a beautiful slim line jewellery box, ribbon and heart-shaped tag. It's a Wrap!